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Our Services

Investment and Investment Promotion

Annam provides consultancy and assistance services from A-Z for domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises, including the services as follows:

  • Feasibility Study Reports

  • Advising on setting up a company

  • Seeking partners

  • Consulting joint venture agreement/business cooperation agreement, the charter of enterprises

  • Carrying out procedures for investment license application, certification on business registration

  • Consulting and carrying out procedures establishment of enterprise

  • Consultancy and procedures of mergers and acquisitions, conversion, dissolution, bankruptcy and liquidation of the enterprise

  • Consulting opinions concerning enterprise management activities

  • Consultancy of Management Regulations like Regulations of the Board of Management; Regulations of the Executive Board, Monitoring Board; Regulations of enterprise financial management and/or private regulations of the enterprise as required

  • Consultancy for human resources management.


  • 可行性研究报告

  • 成立公司的建议服务

  • 寻找合作伙伴

  • 合资协议/商业合作协议、企业章程咨询服务

  • 办理投资许可证、工商登记证服务

  • 企业设立的咨询与实际执行服务

  • 企业并购、转卖、解散、破产、清算的咨询和执行服务

  • 企业管理的意见咨询服务

  • 董事会章程等运营管理策略咨询;企业执行人、监察人条例;

  • 企业财务管理规定 和/或 按要求制定的企业规章制度

  • 人力资源管理顾问服务

Real Estate and Construction 

Annam focuses on:

  • Real estate licensing

  • Land use and property leases

  • Construction

  • Infrastructure

  • Funding agreements

  • Debt restructuring

  • Real estate transactions

  • The brokerage of real estate

  • Transfer of real estate


  • 房产证办理

  • 土地使用和租赁

  • 施工

  • 基础设施建设

  • 融资协议

  • 债务重组

  • 房地产交易

  • 房地产中介服务

  • 房地产转让


Annam translation service includes but not limited to:

  • All types of Contracts and Agreements

  • Application Dossiers

  • Correspondence translation

  • Documents relation Litigation-Applications, Statements, Supporting documents

  • Documents relating to Arbitration

  • Property Documents Translation

  • Expert Reports Translation

  • Notary translated documents


  • 所有类型的合同和协议翻译

  • 档案申请翻译

  • 信函翻译

  • 与诉讼申请、陈述、支持文件等相关文件翻译

  • 仲裁相关文件翻译

  • 物业文件翻译

  • 专家报告翻译

  • 公证翻译文件

Branding & Marketing

Annam services:

  • Branding Management: Identity, Positioning, Messaging, Amplification

  • Marketing Management

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

  • Product Go-to-market strategy 


  • 品牌管理:品牌识别、品牌定位、品牌思想、品牌传播

  • 市场营销策略管理

  • 整合营销传播

  • 产品市场操作战略

Business and Corporate Strategy

Annam helps clients improve performance and position themselves for success by assessing how internal and external changes affect progress towards strategic goals, with foresight and analysis of competitive dynamics and considering the clients’ key capabilities.

Services include:

  • Corporate centre profitability

  • Enterprise strategies

  • Annual planning processes

  • Scenario planning

  • Strategic planning

  • Wargaming



  • 企业中心盈利能力

  • 企业战略

  • 年度计划流程

  • 场景规划

  • 战略规划

  • 技术与战略测试

Project Management

Our team focuses on:

  • Research, analysis and survey the market

  • Research on the feasibility of investment projects

  • Due diligence of the investors

  • Consult, prepare and submit a required dossier of investment projects

  • Advice on procedures and implementation of investment projects after licensing

  • Advice on aspects of projects such as economy, technique, environment, legal matters

  • Investment projects management

  • Advice legal issues arising from the implementation process of investment projects

  • Advice on project transfer, including licensing procedures and related matters


  • 研究、分析和调查市场

  • 投资项目可行性研究

  • 投资者尽职调查

  • 查阅、准备并提交所需的投资项目档案

  • 就营业执照发牌后投资项目的步骤及实施提供意见

  • 对项目的经济、技术、环境、法律等方面提出建议

  • 投资项目管理

  • 为投资项目实施过程中出现的法律问题提供咨询

  • 项目转让建议,包括许可程序和相关事项

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